Belated AcWriMo report

Well, AcWriMo is long over and done with, and I didn’t quite achieve my goals.  In fact, I didn’t achieve my goals at all.  And, to be completely honest, I think my goals were a bit bonkers, considering the point I’d reached at the beginning of November, and where I was hoping / planning / dreaming I’d be at the end of the month.

My initial goal was 10,000 words of my quantitative results chapter.  I knew when I set this goal that I still had some analysis to do.  Little did I realise how much time it would take…

I also set a secondary goal (for when I’d finished the 10k words!) of 30 hours of qualitative data analysis.  Unsurprisingly, this didn’t happen either.

I did, however, set a far more reasonable daily goal for myself, which was to do 10 tomatoes (sections of working time, using the pomodoro technique) per weekday on my thesis, and at least eight over the course of each weekend.  This goal was mostly achieved; there were some days when I didn’t do any work due to attending a job interview and a conference, and having visitors.

In a lot of ways I don’t have very much to show for AcWriMo – not in terms of Wri, anyway!  But I got a lot of quantitative analysis done, and that was hugely useful.  In the end, I wrote about 3,000 words altogether, but I laid the groundwork for a lot more (the chapter currently stands at 8,400 words).

I really enjoyed the experience and the challenge.  Although the challenge was one which I had made for myself, the public declaration of my goals and the public reporting of progress, in a Google Docs spreadsheet and on Twitter, helped me to keep going even when the statistics threatened to overwhelm me!


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