About me

My name is Sarah Merry and I’ve just completed a PhD in Information Studies at Aberystwyth University.  My research was about the impact that the Internet has had on modern friendship, with a little social capital on the side.

The PhD was a bit of an accident – I came to Aberystwyth to do a librarianship degree, with a view to changing careers after 13 years working in a variety of administrative, secretarial and PA roles.  I fell in love with the field of Library and Information Studies, and with research, and when someone suggested that I could expand my undergraduate dissertation research into a PhD I jumped at the chance!

I wrote a sporadic blog throughout my doctoral studies, but it fell by the wayside for various reasons.  I’ve kept some of the posts here, and may add the odd reflection as I go through the process of tidying up my research notes and diaries, and hopefully publishing some of my thesis as journal articles.

My passions are many and varied, and are often abandoned for months at a time.  They include: BBC Radio 4, real ale, good food, superhero comics (mostly Marvel but I like a bit of DC now and then), spinning yarn (using a drop spindle, not a wheel. At least not yet), knitting, walking, reading, rowing (as in boats, not as in arguments), being fannish, writing slightly snarky poetry, and afternoon naps.

I’m a bit of a worrier, I’m scared of daddy-long-legs, and I’m incapable of making a long story short.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Good luck completing your PhD. I finished mine four years ago. Nothing feels better than knowing that you’re done.
    All the best,

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